अम्मा से माँ और माँ से मदर हो गई,
जब लडखडाए कदम कभी, उंगलियाँ थाम  के फ़ादर हो गई .
ज़िन्दगी की धूप , ज़माने की तपिश से बचा रहा मै ,
आँचल उसका मानो ,बादलों की चादर हो गई,
होंठो पे मुस्कान,गरल में हलाहल रहा,
पर मेरी हर प्यास में वो,
अमृत का गागर हो गई
हर रंज , गम ,गुस्सा अपने अंदर समेट कर भी,
आश्चर्य !! वो इक मीठा सा सागर हो गई,

जब देना चाहा, ईश्वर ने मेरी हर दुआ का जवाब,

बनाया जिसे,धरती पे, वो हमारी माँ हो गई. !!


11 thoughts on “माँ”

  1. Leaders at the meeting expressed a strong will to reach the deal as soon as possible, which will send a strong signal on preserving multilateralism and free trade as well as to boost economic growth as well as globalization.

  2. Sun Zhaolong, a researcher at the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, wrote in a article that Italy’s involvement in the BRI will play an exemplary role in attracting more countries to the platform for international cooperation while allaying concerns of some countries over the initiative.

  3. The deal, once reached, would boost trade and investment, promote regional economic integration as well as benefit the people of all participating countries, Li said.

  4. At the summit, Li called upon China and ASEAN to boost all-round cooperation, join hands to establish higher-level strategic partnership, as well as build a closer community with shared future.

  5. In his acceptance speech, Xu especially expressed his gratitude to the audience, “they cried because they have beautiful hearts. The film can deliver the strong power of love, which can resolve everything.” The movie, which raked in 3.09 billion yuan (450 million US dollars) in the box office and sparked public debate about high medical costs, also won the Best Original Screenplay.

  6. Co-chairing the meeting with the Chinese premier, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, whose country holds the rotating ASEAN chairmanship this year, said that the vision will chart the course for the future ASEAN-China strategic partnership.

  7. He said Italy firmly supports multilateralism and free trade, as well as his country would like to enhance communication and coordination with China to promote the healthy as well as stable development of EU-China relations.

  8. Calling the summit an milestone for bilateral strategic partnership, ASEAN leaders said that it is in the interests of both sides to safeguard multilateralism and free trade as well as that ASEAN is ready to align its development strategies with the Belt and Road Initiative as well as open up more space for cooperation.

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